The new genome-editing technologies and their potential applications in agriculture


Agnès Ricroch

Agnès Ricroch is an associate professor of Evolutionary Genetics and Plant Breeding at AgroParisTech in France and adjunct professor at Pennsylvania State University, USA. She holds a PhD and a HDR in Plant Genetics from the University Paris-Sud, France. She is a fellow of the Academy of Agriculture of France and the secretary of Life Sciences section. She is the group leader ‘Durability-Innovation-Resources-Ethics’ at University Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay.

Her research focuses on Evidence-Based Policies in biotech. She serves as an expert member of the Scientific Group of Interest ‘Plant Biotechnology’ in France. She was distinguished as Woman in Biotechnology Law and Regulation in 2015. In 2012, she received the special prize of Academy of Agriculture of France. She was the editor of four books on plant biotech. She published more than 80 scientific papers.



The recent observation of gravitational waves


Benoit Mours

Benoit Mours is Director of Research at the CNRS. He studies gravitational waves since the late 1980s and has contributed to the development and the construction of the European gravitational wave detector Virgo.

He was the spokesperson of the collaboration Virgo during the start-up phase of the experiment and has worked for the implementation in 2007 of the agreement between the scientific collaboration LIGO and Virgo, making possible the sharing of data and the unification of the groups of analysis and publications. He is the French scientific leader for Virgo and then for Advanced Virgo.